Beginning: Purpose of this Blog

Welcome to my blog!  This is my introductory post, and I would like to briefly describe the content I am planning for this blog.

The title of this blog connects it to Zephyr Ridge Observatory, which I own and operate.  I invite you to visit the static web pages I created that describe the observatory and its construction.

One purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in managing a private observatory.  This may include problem/resolution discussion, special projects, tips and tricks, and other matters that may be of interest to those who own a private observatory or those who may be planning to build one.  And I welcome the opportunity to learn from my readers, who are invited to submit comments on my posts.

Another important purpose of this blog is to discuss aspects of astronomical observation, including sharing observations I have made at Zephyr Ridge Observatory.  As explained on my About page, my main instrument is a 20” Obsession reflector telescope, but I also make use of my 4” Borg refractor and my 15 x 50 Canon IS binoculars.  Having an observatory at a dark site has truly opened the sky for me, and perhaps some of my observations will inspire you to try your luck with your instrument.

I am sure other topics will arise in time.  For example, posts about astronomical equipment, amateur astronomy in general, books and software, and so forth are possible. Suggested topics are also welcome.

In short, the content of this blog will likely appeal to astronomers and others who are interested in the night sky.  Thank you for reading.

Clear Skies,

Denis Janky

About Denis

I am the owner of Zephyr Ridge Observatory and the writer of this blog. For more information, please click the About link at the top of this page.
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